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  • alter :cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
    • The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city ምምጻእ መኪና ንኣገባብ ዕብየት እታ ከተማ ቀይርዎ ክኸውን ይኽእል እዩ
    • The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue እቲ ዘተ ብዛዕባ እቲ ጉዳይ ዝነበረኒ ኣተሓሳስባ ቀይርዎ እዩ።

    • alter :become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
      • her mood changes in accordance with the weather her mood changes in accordance with the weather
      • The supermarket's selection of vegetables varies according to the season እቲ ሱፐርማርኬት ዝመርጾ ኣሕምልቲ ከከም ወቕቲ ይፈላለ እዩ።

      • alter :make an alteration to
        • This dress needs to be altered እዚ ኣከዳድና ምቕያር የድልዮ

        • alter :remove the ovaries of
          • Is your cat spayed? ድሙኻ ስፓይ ተገይሩላ ድያ?

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