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  • twine :spin, wind, or twist together
    • intertwine the ribbons intertwine the ribbons
    • Twine the threads into a rope እቲ ፈትሊ ናብ ገመድ ምትሕንፋጽ
    • intertwined hearts ዝተሓዋወሱ ልብታት

    • twine :arrange or or coil around
      • roll your hair around your finger ጸጉርኻ ኣብ ኣጻብዕትኻ ኣንከባሊልካ
      • Twine the thread around the spool እቲ ፈትሊ ኣብ ዙርያ እቲ ስፖል ኣጣምሶ
      • She wrapped her arms around the child ንሳ ኣብ ቅልጽማ ነቲ ቆልዓ ጠቕለለቶ

      • twine :make by twisting together or intertwining
        • twine a rope ገመድ ምጥዋይ

        • twine :form into a spiral shape
          • The cord is all twisted እቲ ገመድ ኩሉ ተጠውዩ እዩ።

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