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  • whip :beat severely with a whip or rod
    • The teacher often flogged the students እቲ መምህር ብዙሕ ግዜ ነቶም ተማሃሮ ይገርፎም ነይሩ
    • The children were severely trounced እቶም ቆልዑ ብኸቢድ ተሃሪሞም

    • whip :defeat thoroughly
      • He mopped up the floor with his opponents ምስ ተጻረርቱ ድማ ነቲ መሬት ጸረገ

      • whip :thrash about flexibly in the manner of a whiplash
        • The tall grass whipped in the wind እቲ ነዊሕ ሳዕሪ ብንፋስ ይገፍፍ ነበረ።

        • whip :strike as if by whipping
          • The curtain whipped her face እቲ መጋረጃ ንገጻ ገረፋ

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