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  • widen :become broader or wider or more extensive
    • The road widened እቲ መንገዲ ገፊሑ

    • widen :make (clothes) larger
      • Let out that dress--I gained a lot of weight ነታ ክዳን ኣውጽኣያ--ብዙሕ ክብደት ወሲኸ

      • widen :make wider
        • widen the road መንገዲ ምግፋሕ

        • widen :extend in scope or range or area
          • The law was extended to all citizens እቲ ሕጊ ናብ ኩሎም ዜጋታት ተዘርጊሑ
          • widen the range of applications ደረጃ መተግበሪታት ኣስፍሕ
          • broaden your horizon ኣድማስካ ኣስፍሕ
          • Extend your backyard ድሕረ ገዛኻ ኣስፍሕ

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