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Norsk - Tigrinya Lexikon is the largest Tigrinya dictionary on the web. Thanks to many contributors around the world, the number of entries is growing everyday and the quality of the translation is constantly improving. It is dedicated entirely to provide the most complete dictionary for Tigrinya language.

Tips on how to use the website: Most of the words in the dictionary are in their simple form. Use simple forms when you search for English words (eg. call, instead of calling or called). Also make use of the synonym and antonym words to find the best translation.

For Tigrinya words, use simple male form (eg. ጸሓፈ or ኣለለየ instead of ምጽሓፍ or ምልላይ). You can write Tigrinya alphabet using this keyboard map. Or simply type in latin alphabet and the dictionary will suggest the best Tigrinya words that match your text.

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